• On march 29, 1857, a soldier named Mangal Pandey attacked and fired at his senior at Barrackpur in Bengal
  • On May 10, there was a mutiny of sepoys at Meerut started
  • Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah II was proclaimed the Emperor of India
  • Greased Cartridges was immediate cause of revolt

Important Persons

  • Bakht Khan (captured Delhi, was from the Barreily unit of Army)
  • Nana Sahib alias Dhondhu Pant (from Kanpur) along with Tantia and Azimullah
  • Begum Hazrat Mahal of Awadh (declared her son as Nawab of Awadh)
  • Rani Lakshmibai, the widowed queen of Raja Gangadhar Rao of Jhansi (Tantia Tope joined her, and they defeated the Scindhia of Gwalior) but both were defeated by Sir Hugh Rose. She died on June 17, 1858, while Tantia was later captured and executed