Fundamentally, all humans …..(1)….. possess combinations of fixed inherited traits. All men passed the …..(2)….. highly developed nervous system, backbones, erect posture hair etc. Therefore, …..(3)….. among men arises only in …..(4)….. change of this …..(5)….. pattern. Racial …..(6)….. represent one of the finest distinctions and are based on certain …..(7)….. differences. Two races may be …..(8)….. in hair colour, in eye colour but …..(9)….. in stature while two others may be …..(10)….. in stature but differ in the colour of eyes and hair.

1. a) animal
(b) being
(c) mind
(d) society
(e) thinking

2. (a) same
(b) large
(c) natural
(d) different
(e) biological

3. (a) growth
(c) substance
(d) variations
(e) naturalness

4. (a) no
(b) large
(c) minor
(d) artificial
(e) fundamental

5. (a) mad
(b) basic
(c) maddening
(d) fluctuating
(e) picturesque

6. (a) hatred
(b) clashes
(c) tolerance
(d) sameness
(e) differences

7. (a) neat
(b) minor
(c) massive
(d) clear cut
(e) unnoticeable

8. (a) alike
(b) different
(c) beautiful
(d) untouched
(e) mismatched

9. (a) same
(b) tall
(c) close
(d) matched
(e) different

10. (a) ugly
(b) tall
(c) same
(d) short
(e) untouch

Answer Keys

1) B 2) A 3) D 4) C 5) B 6) E 7) D 8) A 9) E 10) C