The keeper, Lord Shiva himself, is known to be the greatest hunter of them all, as heists on a tiger skin and covers his …..(1)….. body with animal fur. But to …..(2)….. In …..(3)…..killing of animals is against the …..(4)…, as one may kill only that which one can …..(5)….. However, man being man is the only …..(6)….. who kills for sport, knowing it to be sport, thereby …..(7)….. all norms of …..(8)….. behavior. The Americans …..(9)….. out the bison from the face of North America, as the Indian Maharajas and British Sahibs did the cheetah and almost the lion and tiger from India- animals which you don’t eat, but …..(10)….. the walls of your house with.

1. (a) beautiful
(b) bare
(c) Vacant
(d) uncovered

2. (a) involve
(b) include
(c) Indulge
(d) interfere

3. (a) wanton
(b) unreasonable
(c) Rash
(d) disregarded

4. (a) spiritual
(b) cosmic
(c) Supernatural
(d) manly

5. (a) consume
(b) devour
(c) Gobble
(d) grab

6. (a) beast
(b) brute
(c) Creature
(d) animal

7. (a) transferring
(b) neglecting
(c) transgressing
(d) desecrating

8. (a) contingent
(b) civilized
(c) Complimentary
(d) crude

9. (a) eradicated
(b) erased
(c) Wiped
(d) removed

10. (a) garnish
(b) tarnish
(c) Decorate
(d) grandeur

Answer Keys

1) B 2) C 3) A 4) B 5) A 6) D 7) C 8) B 9) C 10) C