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Questions and Answers on Direction Test, Blood Relations, Puzzles, Word Mapping, Brain Teasers, Reconstruction of Sentances, Sitting Arrangements etc

Government Exam Reasoning Mock Test 5

1. In an examination, a student scores 4 marks for every correct answer and loses 1 mark for every wrong answer. If he attempts all 75 questions and secures 125 marks, the number of questions he attempts correctly is (a)

Government Exam Reasoning Mock Test 4

Q(1-2): Choose the groups of letters which is different from the others: (a) ABD (b) FGI (c) LMO (d) STU (e) WXZ (a) BDGK (b) JLOS (c) NPSW (d) MORU (e) HJMQ 3. Find the wrong number in the following

Government Exam Reasoning Mock Test 3

Q.(1-2): Find which of the following word can not be made from the letters of the given word. 1. TEACHERS (a) REACH (b) CHAIR (c) CHEER (d) SEARCH (e) CHEAT 2. REASONABLE (a) BRAIN (b) BONES (c) NOBLE (d) ARSON

Government Exam Reasoning Mock Test 2

Q.(1-3): The letters and numbers have been arranged under some rule. Based on that rule find the missing letter and number. A – 1 N – 14 Y – ? O – 15 T – 20 ? – 22 (a)

Government Exam Reasoning Mock Test 1

Q. (1-7): In each of the following questions a number series is given which is in accordance with some certain rule. What is the correct answer for the place of sign of interrogation out of given alternatives? 1. 1,3,7,15,31,63,127,? (a)
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