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Government Exam Economics Mock Test 5

1. Which of the following is a renewable source of energy? (a) coil (b) oil (c) hydro- power (d) none of these 2. Many of the WTO rules are biased against (a) developed countries (b) developing countries (c) industries countries

Government Exam Economics Mock Test 4

1. The major cause of growing unemployment in India is (a) Poverty (b) Black Money (c) Illiteracy (d) rapid increase in population 2. Which of the following statement is applicable on Indian agriculture? (a) Indian agriculture is known as the

Government Exam Economics Mock Test 3

1. A consumer is exploited by (a) selling sub- standard goods (b) charging a price higher than the prescribed price (c) adulteration and impurity (d) all of the above 2. ………………… is the major drawback that lead to exploitation of

Government Exam Economics Mock Test 2

1. The first Five Year Plan only inaugurated the 3. process of planning. Its min objective was to (a) correct the damage done to an economy by war and partition (b) Increase agriculture and Industrial population (c) Remove poverty (d)

Government Exam Economics Mock Test 1

1. Which Fundamental Right prohibits discrimination against any citizen any citizen on the basis of sex? (a) Right to freedom (b) Right against Exploitation (c) Right to Equity (d) None of these 2. Which percent of seats are held by