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Questions and Answers on Parliaments, Constitution, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, election, government bodies, bills, Law & Order Systems etc.

Government Exam Civics Mock Test 5

1. Who among the following has no power to veto a resolution in the Security Council? (a) Great Britain (b) U.S.A (c) USSR (d) Japan 2. WhIch of the following statements about the International Court of Justice is not correct?

Government Exam Civics Mock Test 4

1. The civil courts does not deal with : (a) Land disputes (b) Landlord Tenant disputes (c) Offence like thefts (d) South Africa 2. Which of the following is one of the main organs of U.N.O? (a) UNESCO (b) ECOSOC

Government Exam Civics Mock Test 3

1. On which day every year is the International Women’s Day observed: (a) 8 March (b) 8 April (c) 8 May (d) 8 June 2. What is official term for ‘Adivasi’: (a) Scheduled Caste (b) Scheduled Tribe (c) Other backward

Government Exam Civics Mock Test 2

1. A judge of the supreme court of india holds office till he attains the age of: (a) 58 years (b) 60 years (c) 62 years (d) 65 years 2. It is often said that the key to the minds of

Government Exam Civics Mock Test 1

1. When a money bill is sent to the Rajya Sabha, it has to be returned with recommendation, if any, to the Lok Sabha to the period of (a) 6 days (b) 10 days (c) 14 days (d) 20 days
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