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You will learn about all countries, their capitals, their currencies, their parliaments, major personalities, world geography, important facts about world etc.

World War 1 and 2 in Brief

WORLD WAR – I (1914-18) Parties : Germany, Austria, Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria were on one side and were called Central powers. England, France, Serbia, Belgium, Japan, Russia were on the other side, and were called the Allies. Italy in

List of International Organizations in the world and their Headquarters and Functions

1. International Labour Organisation – ILO – 1919 – Geneva To promote social justice, improve conditions and living standred of workers and promote economic stability. 2. International Atomic Energy Agency – IAEA – 1957 – Vienna – To promote peaceful


The foundations of the United Nations were laid on the ashes of the League of Nations. The Charter of UN was signed at San Francisco on 26th June 1945 by 51 countries including India, now 193 members UN welcomes South

Famous Places of the World

ABU, MT. : Hill station in Rajasthan. Famous for Jain Temples, Popularly known as Dilwara Temples built by Sishoelias famous for carving. H.Q.- Brahma Kumari and training centre for Centre Reserve Police Force. ADAM’S BRIDGE : It is a bridge


Abdul Kalam, Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen (b. 1931): The man behind India’s missile programme. Known for his dedication to science, commitment to professional excellence and simplicity of lifestyle. Abdul Fazal ( 1551-1602) : Persian scholar and writer, patronised by Akbar,

Upcoming Sport Events

21st Commonwealth – Australia – 2018 12th World Cup Cricket – England and Wales – 2019 21st World Cup Soccer – Russia – 2018 18th Asian Games – Vietnam – 2018 32st Olympics – Tokyo – 2020

National Mounments of some Famous Countries

Emperial Place (Tokyo) – Japan Eiffel Tower (Paris) – France Great wall of China – China Kremlin (Moscow) – Russia Kinder Disk – Denmark Leaning Tower of Pisa – Italy Pyramid (Giza) – Egypt Opera House (Sidney) – Australia Statue

Largest and Smallest Countries

Largest Country Area Wise Russia Canada China United States Brazil Largest Country Population Wise China India USA Indonesia Brazil Smallest Country Area Wise Vatican City Monaco Nauru Tuvalu San Marino Smallest Country Population Wise Vatican City Tuvalu Nauru Palau San

Religions of the world

Christianity – 2.1 billions – 33.0% Islam – 1.5 billions – 21% Hinduism – 900 million – 14% Buddhism – 376 million – 6% Sikhism – 23 million – 0.36 %

Language Spoken in the World

Mandarin Chinese – 862 Million Spanish – 325 Million English – 312-380 Million Arabic – 206-422 Million Hindi – 181 Million
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